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Church life The Cursing of the Fig Tree
Posted by Christos on Thursday, May 25 @ 23:30:02 MST (2693 reads)

11/14/2005 1:13 PM
1 out of 11

Dear friends,
could someone give me an explanation why Jesus cursed the Fig Tree for not having any fruit on it, considering the fact that it was not the season for figs?

Thank you in advance.


Cursing of the Fig Tree 
11:12 Now the next day, as they went out from Bethany, he was hungry. 11:13 After noticing in the distance a fig tree with leaves, he went to see if he could find any fruit on it. When he came to it he found nothing but leaves, for it was not the season for figs. 11:14 He said to it, May no one ever eat fruit from you again. And his disciples heard it.

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Website announcements Jesus Christ Second Comming
Posted by Christos on Saturday, December 24 @ 00:15:10 MST (837 reads)

Elder Paisios, will Christ intervene in these harsh years?

Yes. Just like the Saints, Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ often appear to a wronged man worthy of divine assistance in order to save him; particularly now that the poor people are in such a dire state. Now it’s just a passing storm, a brief occupation of the Antichrist Satan.

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The Second Coming

Jerusalem Patriarchate


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